Care for the Harbor Seals and all wildlife in need

Care for the Harbor Seals and all wildlife in need image

This is Moonglow, a Harbor Seal pup. Moonglow was found alone on a busy shore near the campsites of Jones Island State Park. The Marine Mammal Stranding Network for San Juan watched her to see if she would be reunited with her mother. It became clear that she was separated due to human activity and needed assistance to survive. When she arrived at Wolf Hollow, the staff determined she was just a few days old.

Moonglow was thin and dehydrated. She suffered from small puncture wounds on her face and an infected umbilicus. Although vulnerable, she was alert and vocal – making loud "boo" noises! She was placed in Wolf Hollow's seal pup nursery and given a high-fat formula specially designed to help her gain weight. The seal program is one of the most expensive, as the special formula, fish, and pool filtration system all add up

Over two months in care at Wolf Hollow, Moonglow grew stronger. Her wounds slowly healed completely. She grew larger and very healthy. When she was ready, she was to return to the Salish Sea.

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Since 1983, Wolf Hollow has treated more than 20,200 injured and orphaned wild animals.

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