Care for the Songbirds

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At Wolf Hollow, we care for 150-200 songbirds each year and in mid-summer, many of these are nestling swallows, which need our care because their nests have been destroyed. These tiny songbirds only weigh a few grams, but they grow very quickly, with only 3 weeks from hatching to flying. They need lots of nutritious food so their bones and feathers can develop properly. Each young swallow needs to be fed every 30 minutes from early morning till late evening, and gulps down a couple of mouthfuls of special diet or 3-5 juicy mealworms each time. In mid-June we may have 15 swallows in care on any given day. If you do the math - each swallow is fed 24 times day and eats about 5 mealworms each time that is 120 mealworms for one bird. If there are 15 little swallows, that’s 1800 mealworms in just one day! Young swallows are usually with us for about 2 weeks, so we can go through over 25, 000 mealworms before they are flying and ready for release…and that’s just for the swallows!

The nestling robins, finches, wrens, and chickadees also need lots of nutritious food so they can grow up healthy, strong, and ready for life in the wild.

Your donation can play an important part in feeding and caring for these special little birds.

Thank you for caring for songbirds! Thank you for your donation!

Since 1983, Wolf Hollow has treated more than 20,200 injured and orphaned wild animals.

As we celebrate our 39th year, your donation will help Wolf Hollow continue our mission to promote the well-being of wildlife and their habitats through rehabilitation, public education, and non-invasive research.

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